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Yonex Nanoflare Lite 33is Badminton Racquet


  • Yonex NanoFlare Lite 33i S Badminton Racket
  • The Nanoflare Lite 33iS is a full graphite racket with Sonic Flare System.
  • The Yonex Nanoflare Lite 33iS is the ideal racket for skilful club

players who want an easy-to-use racket. The Balance point is approx 310mm.

  • ISOMETRIC frame shape is designed to keep vertical strings at a similar

length, as well as the horizontal strings to produce an expanded sweet

spot in all directions. This thin frame provides greater head speed

and a solid feel, so maneuver is very fast.

  • Weight : U5
  • Grip: G4
  • Head Shape : Isometric
  • Shaft –Full Graphite
  • Comes with full cover
  • Local Pickup available from Kellyville Ridge, NSW 2155.

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