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       Kookaburra Turf Pitch 2-Piece Leather Ball

  • The Kookaburra Tuff Pitch cricket ball is the most widely used two-piece cricket ball in the world. Designed to handle the toughest conditions, it features an abrasion-resistant leather cover and a core made of bonded cork and rubber. The Kookaburra Tuff Pitch cricket ball suits all types of artificial surfaces.
  • Designed to handle tough and arduous conditions
  • Leather cover is specially selected and finished for greater resistance to abrasion
  • The core is bonded cork and rubber, tension machine wound
  • The most widely used 2 piece ball in the world
  • Suits all types of artificial surfaces
  • Good quality leather ball
  • Colour: Red
  • 100% Genuine Kookaburra Product
  • Please do your research before buying the ball - we are not manufacturer of the balls and are merely a retailer. 
  • Local Pickup available from Kellyville Ridge, NSW 2155.

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