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Stanford also popularly known as SF is known to produce high quality and superior cricket gear.

  • SF Nexzen batting Leg Guards
  • 100% genuine SF Top Grade Pads
  • Light Weight pads
  • Made from finest materials to give an amazing fit and top levels of protection
  • Extra HD protection has been added to all areas
  • Modern day design 
  • Wide lead leg protection 
  • Imported PU fronted pad
  • P.U. leg guard with Cane protection in front 
  • Wide elastic strap bands with Velcro on each pad
  • Wide straps for maximum comfort 
  • A top level pad used by many of the world’s top players
  • Quality leather lining for improve durability 
  • Brand new cosmetics and embossed logos
  • Absorbs the impact to reduce impact stress and increase protection levels 
  • A very important and must have gear for batsmen
  • Might have slight difference in design as per the model
  • Local Pickup available from Kellyville Ridge, NSW 2155

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