Kookaburra CadeJo 200 Cricket Bat

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     Kookaburra CadeJo 200 Cricket Bat

  • Made from high quality English Willow.
  • Hand Craft: 
    Kookaburra cricket bat is made by hand and designed by expert of Kookaburra Manufacturing System. This series cricket bats will give good performance and looks and its shows the quality of bat. 
  • Super Spine: 
    Kookaburra bat have a super finest spine it shows the durability of the bat. With super spine, player will get max power in stoke hence they can perform better on cricket ground. 
  • Big Sweet Spot: 
    This series of bats are equipped with a big sweet spot. Bigger Sweet spot give maximum hitting by which player gets added advantage to make aggressive shots. Big sweet spot also helps in better placement of shots. 
  • Rounded Face: 
    Rounded face means balance and strength of the bat. Kookaburra cricket bat are specially designed to this technology. 
  • Power Drive: 
    In this bat the handle of the bat gives you to play easily the power drive shot. 
  • Light Weight: 
    It is a very light weight bat. Light weight bat gives you to play easily the comfortable shot. Moreover, with light weight bat player can manipulate the shots a late time, Like AB Devillers. 
  • Naturally Dried: 
    Wood used in this series of bats are naturally dried which mean it give slow and steady moisture removal. 
  • Comes with bat cover.
  • Local Pickup available from Kellyville Ridge, NSW 2155.

 Knocking and Protection:

          We suggest all our customers to do the following

  • Apply minimum of 1 coat of oil and leave it (horizontally) overnight
  • When it dries out you can repeat the same process again (maximum 3 coats)
  •  Please note: Too much of oil will make the willow too soft
  • knock-in the edges, using heavy bat mallet, and toe for at least 3-4 hours
  • Use it in the nets with old balls, for at least a couple of sessions, before playing into a match
  • Once the bat has been knocked in and ready to play, apply anti-scuff sheet (plain or fibre) on the face of the bat. It saves bat from absorbing extra moisture during wet conditions and saves edges as well.


  • All Cricket bats come with 60 days warranty

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