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Brand: Kookaburra Model: Pro 5.0
Kookaburra Pro 5.0 Rubber Cricket Shoe Description: Junior specific design for essential support Low profile midsole providing shock absorption Moulded heel counter for increased support High traction rubber outsole Colours:  White/Lime Local Pickup available from Kellyville Ridge, NSW..
Ex Tax:$40.91
Brand: Kookaburra Model: Pro 500
Kookaburra Pro 500 Wicket Keeping GlovesDescription: Premier League Club level quality Calf Leather Palm Cotton palm lining Unique Kookaburra Catching Cup Local Pickup available from Kellyville Ridge, NSW 2155..
Ex Tax:$50.90
Brand: Kookaburra Model: Pro 750
Kookaburra Pro 750 Wicket Keeping GloveDescription:     Premium calf leather palm, lining and back. Unique 'Kookaburra Catching Cup' cotton padding. Durable 'Fibre Wear' patches to the ends of the fingers. 'Aussie Shorti' style cuff. Reinforce..
Ex Tax:$69.08
Brand: Kookaburra Model: Pro Guard 500
Kookaburra Pro Guard 500 Thigh PadsDescription: The Pro Guard 500 provides great comfort, fit & protection. Ultra High Density foam Soft Fill Foam backing layer Anti bacterial Air Flow mesh material All padding is removable to customize your fit ..
Ex Tax:$41.80
Brand: Kookaburra Model: Pro Guard Players
Kookaburra Pro Guard Players Thigh PadsDescription: Test Match Players quality Lightweight protection system with inbuilt inner and outer thigh pad Ultra High Density Foam for superior protection 'Thermo' Thermal Flex System moulds to your body shape for the ..
Ex Tax:$75.44
Brand: Kookaburra Model: Red King
Description:          Kookaburra Red King 2-Piece Leather Ball   Kookaburra Red King 2- Piece Leather Ball Good quality leather ball Selected alum tanned steer hide cover Moulded granulated cork and rubber core Colour: Red 100% Genuine Kookaburra Pr..
Ex Tax:$37.27
Brand: Kookaburra Model: Surge 200
Kookaburra Surge 200 Batting GlovesDescription: Premium quality PVC finger rolls. Nylon gusset for ventilation. Layered dual density foam padding for maximum protection and flexibility. One piece sidebars on lead hand. Leather tabs on fingertips. Tow..
Ex Tax:$50.90
Brand: Kookaburra Model: Turf Pitch
Description:        Kookaburra Turf Pitch 2-Piece Leather Ball The Kookaburra Tuff Pitch cricket ball is the most widely used two-piece cricket ball in the world. Designed to handle the toughest conditions, it features an abrasion-resistant leather cover and a core ..
Ex Tax:$45.45
Brand: Kookaburra Model: Verve
Description:   The Verve Thigh Pad provides great comfort, fit & protection. PROFILE: Intermediate Club Level (Level 3). IMPACT PROTECTION: Moulded HDF. Ambidextrous design. ADDITIONAL FEATURES: Towel Backing. Broad width elastic straps Comfort feel backing     Local Pic..
Ex Tax:$15.45
Brand: Kookaburra Model: Xtreme
Kookaburra Xtreme Bat GripDescription: Kookaburra 'Xtreme  is cricket bat grip exclusive to Kookaburra, the use of angular nodules at the top of the grip and the proven rotational shape of the players grip at the bottom enhances player control. High quality ..
Ex Tax:$9.08
Brand: Payntr Model: X Batting All White
Payntr X Batting All White Rubber Cricket ShoeDescription: Innovate your game with the PAYNTR V. Offering a high-performance shoe, at an affordable price. Provides responsive padding around the ankle and neckline to ensure comfort, protection and support. The honeycom..
Ex Tax:$86.36
Brand: Other Model: Standard
Description:   Reaction Ball   Reaction Ball fielding aid is perfect for improvement of hand-eye coordination and reaction time.  Volley the Reaction Ball between two athletes, or rebound it against a wall.  Upon landing, the ball will bounce in an unpredictable manner.&n..
Ex Tax:$6.36
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