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             Yonex Astrox 21i Lite Badminton Racquet


  • This racket is built with Nanomesh Neo which is a material that promotes quicker

shaft take-back. 

Once the racket has made contact with the shuttle the NANOMESH NEO helps

the frame to return to its original state in order for you to be able to play your next

shot for that attaching edge.
The aero-box frame helps minimizing air resistance so air flows faster across

the curved surface during the swing, accelerating head speed and transferring

more speed and power into hits. Great potential as an all-round and perfect

racket for double players as it's easy to manoeuvre due to its weight and length.

  • NANOMESH NEO - NANOMESH NEO is an adhesive which helps combine

the Graphite fibre with the resin for a stronger, more flexible frame, while

increased shaft flex creates maximum power

  • Aero+Box Frame - A combination of faster swing speeds and a solid feel
  • Built-in T-Joint - The lightweight T-Joint increases stability of the shuttle on

the strings, maximizing power and control.

  • Specifications : Frame Material - H.M. GRAPHITE + Tungsten
  • Shaft Material - GRAPHITE + NANOMESH NEO
  • String Tension - 30 lbs
  • Grip Size - G4
  • Weight- 5U
  • Head Shape - Isometric Head Shape
  • Comes with full cover
  • Local Pickup available from Kellyville Ridge, NSW 2155.

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