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            Yonex Voltric LD3 Badminton Racket G5

  • YONEX Voltric LD3, Power Multiplier
    Voltric 3LD is new racket developed for advance badminton players with attacking playing style. Player with attacking playing style will like this racket because of its devastating power. This racket is equipped with upgraded Tri Voltage System and isometric frame. With Tri Voltage System, player gets power of head heavy racket feel (With head heavy frame, more force can be applied on shots).Head heavy frame is suitable for those player who wants more power on shots (with more power, player can easily clear the 3rd line shots and hit the destructive smashes).Further, with tri voltage system player can get the fast racket handling. Yonex Voltric LD3 is medium flex racket designed to give you offensive repulsion. Its frame is made of HM Graphite and tungsten. Its shaft is made from HT graphite material. It is available in two weights. Its color is premium gold. Racket is strung with 18 to 23 Lbs string tension

Key Specification of YONEX Voltric LD3

- Tri-Voltage system is Yonex trademark technology for Voltric series which is designed to deliver power in smashes while at the same time player will get fast racket handling as well.
- To improve the Hold, impact and repulsion (Three most important characteristics of racket), Yonex used Nanometer Dr which is high strength carbon material (Nanometer Dr normally used in Aviation industry). With the help of this material, badminton player gets better hold, fast repulsion and high impact strength.
- Built in T Joint technology gives stable T Joint section which helps in joint stability and result into accurate shuttle placement.
- Racket flex is medium which gives good repulsion for fast returns.
- Voltric LD3 is developed with isometric frame shape. This type of shape gives enlarges sweet spot. We all know that with enlarged sweet spot player can hit off center shots with more power.
- Cross section of frame is designed with Aero-Box frame. Cross section with Aero-Box type shape gives better aerodynamics which results into better swing speed.

  • Local Pickup available from Kellyville Ridge, NSW 2155.

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