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Custom Club White Trouser

Cricket clothing at very good prices.

Please check our prices and listings for other number of sets.
      15  Trousers- $375 @ $25 per Trouser
      25  Trousers- $600 @ $24 per Trouser

      40  Trousers- $920 @ $23 per Trouser

      50 + Contact us for the quote

      Note: The above prices are for Fabric- Softy. If you are looking for any specific fabric, please feel free to contact us on


Specification :

  • Customized White Cricket Trouser   
  • Designed to give performance, comfort and style.
  • Deep Side Pockets
  • Elasticated drawstring waistband  
  • Garment is constructed from the special fabric with quality of quick drying.
  • Machine washable.
  • With 2 Logos
  • Full range of Cricket and other Sports Clothing and bags are also available
  • Perfect For:
    • Cricket
    • General Sports and Team wear 
    • Clubs and Sports Affiliates, Coaches & Umpires
    • Promotions and Running Events 
    • Fitness merchandise
  • Manufacture time- 4-5 weeks
  • Local Pickup available from Kellyville Ridge, NSW 2155

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